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Learn the Best Ways to Clean Pores for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

An obvious truth: a dirty face is never attractive. But even if you clean your face regularly, having clogged pores can lead to an unappealing complexion. The severity of clogged pores can range from small, unnoticeable bumps to raised, inflamed blemishes. While you cannot change your pore size, you can make your pores less noticeable by ensuring properly cleaned pores.

Why Clean Pores Matter

The importance of having clean pores is two-fold: to remove the problem (dirt, debris, buildup) and to provide an empty slate for skincare products. We constantly hear of the importance of having a skin care routine, but even the best routine needs to begin with unclogged pores. Clean pores not only allow the skin to breathe, but they also allow your skincare products to work more efficiently since the toxins have already been removed. Skincare products like ElumeStemCell’s Hydra Serum or Daily Illuminating Face Serum are packed with strong ingredients that work best when applied to clean pores. By incorporating products like these into your skin care routine, starting with clean pores, your chances of pimples and blemishes are reduced while existing skin concerns like wrinkles, lines and damaged skin are repaired. But, it all begins with having clean pores. 

What Clogs Your Pores?

Pores become clogged when things like dirt, oil, dead skin cells, pollution, makeup or even sweat are trapped in your skin’s surface. Once trapped, these things can develop into bumps or acne resulting in a dull complexion. While people with an oily skin type are more likely to have clogged pores, all skin types can benefit from clean pores so that the skin receives needed oxygen. In addition, skin care products can better penetrate the skin when pores are not clogged. Keep reading below to find out the best ways to clean pores for healthy, glowing skin. 

How To Clean Out Pores: 6 At-Home Methods

There are a variety of methods that can be used to clean out pores. You might be tempted to pick at the blackheads on your nose, or pop that pimple, but that’s not what we mean! Doing so can make your complexion worse. Constantly touching your face is an easy way to block your pores as the oil and bacteria on your fingers are transferred to your face. In addition, picking at your face can actually lead to more breakouts and even scarring. Instead, try one of the methods listed below to clear out your pores. 

Method #1 – Physical Extractions

Using metal extractor such as a comedone extractor is one way to remove buildup from your pores. By applying pressure with the extractor against the skin, the impurities that cause blackheads are pushed to the surface and can be wiped away. 

Method #2 – Pore Strips

Pore strips work by drying and binding to your skin to lift off impurities when the hardened strip is removed. While there are pore strips for all areas of the face, the nose is the most common marketed type of pore strips to remove blackheads. For best results, use pore strips after a steam session since your pores will be opened up and the strips will be able to remove more blackheads. This method can be highly satisfying since you can see all the impurities that have been removed stuck to the strip after removal. 

Method #3 – Steam

Doing a facial steaming session is an easy and inexpensive way to relax your facial muscles so that it is easier to remove the impurities from your pores.

The humid air created by steaming helps eliminate bacteria from your pores. For an effective steaming session, start by cleansing your face to remove any dirt or makeup. Next, use a facial steamer according to the specific model’s instructions. Otherwise, create your own steam by bringing a pot of water to a boil. Once boiling, carefully remove the pot from the heat source so you can safely hold your head over the pot. Using a towel, trap the steam as you hold your face over the pot. Do so for 10-15 minutes. Wash your face to get rid of any impurities brought to the surface from the steam.

Method #4 - Exfoliate

Whether you use a physical exfoliant like a brush or scrub, or a chemical exfoliant, exfoliating is a great way to clean pores as it sloughs off dead skin cells that can often clog pores. By removing the dead skin cells, not only are you cleaning your skin and creating a smooth surface, but you are also removing debris that could otherwise clog your pores. 

Method #5 - Masks

There are a variety of masks on the market but two of the most effective masks for clean pores are clay masks and activated charcoal masks. Be wary of masks that harden as they can strip your skin of necessary oils. If you dry out your skin too much, it will have the opposite effect and can actually cause clogged pores as your body tries to combat the dryness. 

Method #6 - Natural Cleansing Pastes

One of the easiest methods for cleaning your pores is to use items found in your kitchen. You can make cleansing pastes with raw honey or Greek yogurt. 

Raw honey is a great way to remove excess oil and debris from your skin. Simply use raw honey and massage it on to your skin in circular motions. By doing this continually for 5 minutes, the impurities in your skin will attach to the honey, leaving smooth skin. Rinse with warm water after to remove the honey and impurities. 

Greek yogurt is a powerhouse for your skin as the lactic acid in it is a softer exfoliant that can break up the dead skin cells sitting on your face. Not only does Greek yogurt contain lactic acid, it also contains calcium, zinc, and B vitamins, leaving your skin with clean pores and a healthy glow. Rub it on your face 1-2 times a week and allow it to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing off to see the best results. 

Fill Your Clean Pores with the Best

Once you have used whichever method works best for you to clean your pores, your pores are now empty and ready to be filled with high quality skincare products. You want to apply quality skin care so that the effort of cleaning your pores is maximized. The Daily Illuminating Face Serum is gentle enough to be used daily and will lock in moisture and nutrients for beautiful, healthy skin. 

When Your Pores Need More

Occasionally, it is a good idea to use concentrated skincare products on your freshly cleaned pores to take your skin care even further. Products like the Hydra Serum give your skin an extra boost for when your pores are needing more. Once a month, fill your clean pores with the growth factors, matrix proteins, and cytokines found in the Hydra Serum for regenerative care that reduces lines and wrinkles, and repairs damaged skin for radiant skin.

Make it a Routine

Having great habits is the first step on your way to healthy skin. To minimize clogged pores in the future, follow a solid skin care routine. Removing makeup, cleansing your face, cleaning your pores, and applying a serum will help you get the beautiful skin you are after. To make life even easier while taking care of your skin, try the ElumeStemCell Facial Kit. It includes everything you need to fill your clean pores with the finest ingredients for dewy, glowing skin.