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Lines Under Eyes: How to Avoid Them & Get Rid of Them Now

There are many different reasons that someone may experience unwanted lines under their eyes. If you’re concerned about aging skin, whether it be from time, the sun, or a specific condition, keep reading to learn the causes for your under-eye lines and ways to fix or alleviate them.

What Causes Lines Under Eyes?

While many assume under-eye lines are from aging, which is possible, there are other causes as well. You might find that just one cause applies  to you, or there may be a combination of causes for your under-eye lines.

Keep reading to find out exactly how you can prevent and protect against lines under your eyes.


One of the most common causes of under-eye lines is a lack of hydration. Your skin needs water to appear full and healthy—a lack of hydration causes your skin to decline and under-eye lines to appear. Ensuring you are always hydrated and drinking water ensures that your skin is getting the right nutrients it needs to appear as healthy as possible.

However, simply drinking water is not enough to ensure healthy skin. Yes, you need to drink water to hydrate from within, but most faces need a topical serum applied to enhance their skin’s hydration. You want to look for skincare that will nourish and hydrate your skin with high quality products. By applying a hydrating serum to your face, the skin will remain supple which will keep under-eye fine lines at bay. We recommend using a serum like ElumeStemCell’s Daily Illuminating Face Serum since it is lightweight and suitable for all skin types. The powerful ingredients in the Daily Illuminating Face Serum not only help brighten skin, but reduce wrinkles and fine lines, which makes it the perfect daily companion for hydrated skin.

Muscle Movements

Many under-eye lines are caused by the constant use of the muscle in that area. When someone smiles, the muscles in the cheeks and under-eye area are in use. Over time, and with continuous use, lines under eyes on cheeks begin to form.

These lines produced by the moving of the muscles are common and often related to genetics. If your parents, for example, have many under-eye creases related to smiling/usage of certain muscles, you may be more likely to experience the same.

The under-eye lines caused by the usage of the muscle may be less visible at rest and more visible when the muscle is in use.

Fixed Lines

Fixed lines under your eyes may appear at rest, meaning they are always visible, not just while the muscle is in use. This type of under-eye fine line may be caused by outside factors such as direct, harsh sunlight over prolonged periods of time, years of smoking, and other skin conditions.

After using the muscle for a long time, your line formed by muscle movements may become fixed, meaning they are always visible. While fixed lines may always be visible, they can also be exponentially reduced when taken care of properly.

Ways to Avoid Under-Eye Lines

If you are looking for ways to keep the under-eye lines away, try these methods below.

Facial Exercises

For a more manageable, at-home technique, try performing facial exercises. There are different routines to follow that can help you stretch your facial muscles and relax those areas. Over time, you may begin to see a decrease in your under-eye lines.

Establish a Daily Skin Care Routine

Prevention of under-eye lines and wrinkles is much easier than treating existing under-eye lines and wrinkles. A fresh face using quality products goes a long way in terms of wrinkle and line prevention. 

As mentioned earlier, your skin needs proper hydration to remain plump and healthy. By establishing a skin care routine, you are taking care of your face consistently by removing daily toxins and debris from the surface of your skin and then replenishing the skin’s surface with much-need nutrients. 

It doesn’t have to be a complicated, lengthy routine to see a difference in your skin. The Facial Kit by ElumeStemCell has everything you need to give your skin the best in care, while being simple to use and follow.

Be Gentle to the Thin Skin Under Your Eyes

Make sure you are gentle with thin skin to prolong its life. Tugging and vigorously rubbing the delicate skin under your eyes is a surefire way to create unwanted lines. Be sure to use a gentle hand when applying serums, creams, and sunscreens.

Sleep on Your Back with Your Head Elevated

Sleeping on your side with your face in your pillow can exacerbate under-eye lines. Sleeping on your back, facing the ceiling, with your head elevated by a pillow or two can help prevent excess wrinkling. When you sleep with your head facing upwards, it allows the fluids to drain from your face instead of pooling in your face. Also, by sleeping with your head facing upwards, your pores are able to breathe instead of being pressed against a potentially dirty pillowcase.

Limit Harmful Habits

As most fixed under-eye lines are caused by sun exposure, wearing sunscreen, a hat, or limiting your time in the sun will do wonders for your under-eye lines. Taking the extra precaution of protecting your sun against harmful elements is a surefire way to keep it looking young and line free. This is a simple solution as it is easy to cover up when outside.

 Another reason that fixed lines may appear is due to a smoking habit. Those that smoke often and smoke a lot may notice a decrease in their skin quality, especially related to fixed lines under the eyes. Refraining from smoking or quitting altogether is a great way to alleviate under-eye lines.

How to Get Rid of Lines Under Your Eyes

While avoiding under-eye creases is a great way to prevent them before they appear, getting rid of existing lines under your eyes can be done. Thankfully, there are a couple at-home treatments that offer professional results.

At-Home Microneedling

Using a derma roller consistently is a great way to treat fine lines and wrinkles, including those under the eyes. Microneedling at home with a derma rolling creates micro holes in your skin to promote rejuvenation and collagen production.

Not all derma rollers are the same. Look for a derma roller that is an appropriate needle length so that you are not doing damage to your skin. We like the ElumeStemCell derma roller since it is .5 millimeters, which is safe to use at home but with needles long enough to make a difference. It is made of stainless steel, which is more antibacterial, compared to the commonly used titanium needles of other derma rollers. 

Read about derma rollers more in depth here, or even how to derma roll acne scars here.

A Concentrated Facial

Using a concentrated skincare product is an effective way to enhance the hydration and repair of the skin under your eyes to diminish fine lines. You can get the same glowing and smooth skin that you have after a professional facial by using the Hydra Serum at home. 

The unique Hydra Serum Applicator allows the matrix proteins, natural hyaluronic acid, and growth proteins to better penetrate into your skin for maximum results. These regenerative properties target damaged skin, such as the lines and creases under your eyes. With monthly treatments using the Hydra Serum, you will see the appearance of your under-eye lines decrease!

Say Goodbye to Those Lines Under Your Eyes

In the end, there are different factors that cause under-eye lines. Some are due to genetics which may be harder to avoid, while others can be prevented with proactive care.

Being mindful of the sun, what you put in your body, and your daily activities can help elongate the life of your skin. Your skin is a direct result of your choices—you can decide whether to exaggerate or eliminate many types of under-eye lines. Using the Daily Illuminating Face Serum, derma rolling, and doing an at-home facial with the Hydra Serum and applicator, you can rest assured knowing you are giving your skin what it needs with the best skin care.