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How Do You Get Rid of Sunspots on Skin? The Ultimate Guide

Sunspots are harmless brown spots on your skin. They are most common on your face, neck, hands, shoulders, chest and possibly back. They develop over time and before you know it, a few here and there can become a lot more than you want.

Causes of Sunspots

As the name implies, sunspots are from your skin being exposed to the sun. The UV radiation from sun exposure causes the pigmentation in your skin to turn brown, resulting in speckled brown spots on the surface of your skin. Those over 40 or with fair skin are more likely to get sunspots than others.

Are Sunspots Dangerous?

No, they are not. Sunspots are the resulting flat shapes from your skin’s pigmentation changing color after being in the sun. There are other types of colored spots on your skin that are dangerous. For example, if the colored spot is raised, bleeding, changing shapes/sizes, or dark, they are of concern and should be evaluated by a professional.

How to Treat Sunspots

Even though sunspots are not detrimental to your health, you may want to lessen their appearance. Keep reading for four manageable ways to treat your existing sunspots.

Aloe Vera

One of the first things Healthline lists as a treatment for sunspots is aloe vera. “Studies have found that aloesin and aloin, which are active compounds found in aloe vera plants, can lighten sunspots and other hyperpigmentation.” Given that sunspots are the browning of parts of your skin, lightening the sunspot is an effective way to reduce their appearance. Depending on the severity of the sunspot, aloe vera application can significantly reduce the appearance of the sunspot.

Our Daily Illuminating Face Serum has aloe vera in it not only because it is great for its hydrating qualities, but because it is extremely effective at treating hyperpigmentation and lightening sunspots. By applying our Daily Illuminating Face Serum to your face, neck, decolletage, even your hands, you can treat your sunspots with aloe vera­­­­ without having to deal with the mess of other aloe vera products.

The Daily Illuminating Face Serum is lightweight and gentle enough for all skin types. It is not just the sunspots on your face that can benefit from the nourishing properties of our serum. Your back, shoulders, neck, and hands can all benefit from frequent application.

Stick to a Consistent Skin Care Routine

Like most skin care concerns, a one-and-done application is not going to yield long-term results. By continually taking care of your skin, you will repeatedly treat your skin care concerns, including sunspots.

Birnur Aral said of this, “Commit to a skin care regimen for a month. The topical options you use at home can really work, but any at-home age spot-fading skincare product, like a serum, must be used daily as directed for at least four weeks.” Our simple-to-follow skin care routine does not require a long, drawn-out process to treat your skin and sunspots, making it easy to do consistently.

Harness Natural, Regenerative Properties

The body has and produces different properties to repair and rejuvenate itself. Your body knows what it is doing. When you use these natural properties that the body already produces, your body is able to utilize these additional properties more effectively. Instead of introducing foreign compounds made in a lab which often cannot be fully utilized by your body, use skincare products that contain natural properties for more complete rejuvenation. 

Our Hydra Serum utilizes the regenerative properties of sterile amniotic fluid and organic hyaluronic acid to maximize the results available from a topically applied product. The organic hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin while providing necessary hydration. The sterile amniotic fluid helps repair damaged cells, including skin cells, to reduce the appearance of sunspots and hyperpigmentation.

The Hydra Serum is meant as a monthly, or as desired, treatment that is applied with our unique applicator that utilizes nanotechnology to deliver the Hydra Serum into the skin. This process is non-invasive, can be done anytime, anywhere, and has zero downtime. The naturally-occurring ingredients are so effective at repairing damaged skin that your sunspots will be reduced after consistent treatments. You can learn more about how easy it is to do a Hydra Serum treatment here.


Microneeding is a great way to trigger your body’s natural repair process. The tiny needles stimulate collagen production and skin renewal to reduce the appearance of sunspots. Now with derma rollers, you can get the benefits of microneedling at home, making it an easy way to treat your sunspots multiple times a week.

As this article mentions, “For best results, microneedling is often combined with topical treatments.” Not only does microneedling prompt your body to repair itself with increased collagen production, but it allows the products you apply to be better absorbed for increased results. The article also notes, “Dermatologists might also use a wound-healing serum, or a compound of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to help with hyperpigmentation.” By following your derma rolling with our Hydra Serum, you are treating the sunspots on your skin to organic hyaluronic acid, without the need to see a dermatologist. Our Facial Kit includes the derma roller, Hydra Serum and Hydra Serum Applicator so that you can reduce your sunspots with ease from home.

Dr. Melissa Doft sums up the beneficial process of derma rolling with, “Once the skin barrier is opened, it is also possible to infuse ingredients known to lighten the skin.” By using the Hydra Serum in addition to derma rolling, you are combining two of the ways to get rid of sunspots for even greater results. For more information on how to properly derma roll, read this article.

How to Prevent Sunspots

Although we have covered what you can do to get rid of sunspots, it is easiest to avoid getting sunspots in the first place. There are a few obvious ways to reduce your chances of getting sunspots. These include: wearing sunscreen, wearing clothing that covers like long sleeves, pants and hat, and avoiding being in the sun during peak hours of 10 AM-4 PM. But you can also add in fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants to help combat the damage done from the sun.

No Need to Worry About Sunspots on Your Skin

It’s not always easy to stay inside all day or to be completely covered when you go out in the sun. If you find sunspots on your skin, know that there are easy ways to treat your sunspots from home. Whether you decide to harness the benefits of aloe vera by using our Daily Illuminating Face Serum, consistently care for your skin with a daily routine, derma roll or do Hydra Serum treatments for the natural regenerative benefits, our Facial Kit makes it easy to do one or all of these treatments for sunspots from home.