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How to Prevent Wrinkles in 20s: 5 Things You Must Do Now

Minimize the Wrinkles

Aging happens to everyone. But your skin doesn’t have to show signs of aging any earlier than it must.

We know the usual things that help reduce wrinkles: drink more water, don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke or vape, wear sunscreen, limit sun exposure, limit stress, etc. However, those aren’t the only ways to limit the formation of unnecessary wrinkles.

The best way to address a problem is with prevention. Keep reading to find out the five things you should be doing now in your 20s to keep wrinkles away. Bonus that they are all easy to do (nothing extreme or crazy here) and non-invasive (aka anyone can do them). And if you are reading this but no longer in your 20s, you should do them too because better late than never, right?

#1 Establish a Daily Skincare Routine… And DO IT DAILY!

There are many reasons why you need a good daily skincare routine. Washing your face is a great way to show your skin some love by removing dirt and debris from the day. Who wants to sleep with a buildup of germs? Gross. Plus, you need to wash that makeup off so your pores can breathe.

The best way to stick with a skincare routine consistently is to have a routine that you can actually follow daily. Not everyone has time for a 12-step routine. And you don’t need a lengthy routine to see results.

Our Daily Illuminating Face Serum is a lightweight formula suitable for all skin types that we created to reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles and fine lines. It also minimizes pores and brightens your complexion. Apply our Daily Illuminating Face Serum each night before going to bed. For a simple, skin-glowing, wrinkle-preventing daily routine, it does not get any easier than:

Step 1 – Cleanse Your Face

Wash your face using your favorite gentle cleanser. Thoroughly clean your face to remove any impurities or toxins, including makeup. Pat dry with a clean towel.

Step 2 – Apply Daily Illuminating Face Serum

Gently massage one to two pumps of our Daily Illuminating Face Serum onto your face. Be sure to get all areas of your face, including the skin around your eyes. While many skincare systems require a separate eye cream, our Daily Illuminating Face Serum is full of ingredients that repair the fragile skin below the eyes.

Step 3 – Allow for Absorption

Wait a few minutes for the serum to be absorbed into your skin before continuing.

Step 4 – Moisturize

Finish your nightly routine with your favorite moisturizer. This will ensure that your skin is hydrated while the ingredients in the Daily Illuminating Face Serum focus on repairing your skin.

Pretty simple, right? With ElumeStemCell Skincare Solutions, you do not need to spend hours every day treating your skin to see results. Our daily routine requires less time nightly than most skincare lines since our products are so effective.

#2 Get Enough Sleep

You will never get missed time back so this is something you must master now. You cannot stock up on sleep later to make up for missed sleep. Your body repairs itself while you are sleeping and so it is vital to get a full night’s sleep for wrinkle-free skin. All the makeup in the world cannot make up for dull and sullen skin caused by a lack of sleep. Not only does a lack of sleep take away your skin’s glow, but it also causes the bags under your eyes to be more prominent and causes wrinkles since your body is not getting adequate time to repair itself nightly.

Bonus Tip: Sleep on your back so that your face is not smashed into your pillow causing wrinkles. You want to limit the formation of unnecessary wrinkles by getting enough sleep, so don’t cause other unnecessary wrinkles by the way you sleep. Sleep on your back with your face upwards instead of sleeping on your stomach or sides.

#3 Watch Your RBF

Old habits can be hard to fix. Wrinkles caused by old habits can be even harder to fix. Stop them before they start by being mindful of the facial expressions you make. It is difficult when you have RBF, because you can’t help it, right? Well, you need to keep your RBF in check before it is permanently showing by the wrinkles on your face.

Think about it, the repeated use of certain muscles will have a deeper impact. The same applies to the muscles on your face. Repeated facial expressions can make a fine line deeper and deeper until it is a permanent wrinkle on your face.

#4 Micro Needle

You have probably heard about micro needling or derma rolling by now. Although it is gaining a lot of attention lately, it is not an unsupported trend. On the contrary, derma rolling actually makes a huge difference in the appearance and elasticity of your skin which is why you should add derma rolling into your routine a couple times a week.

The process of derma rolling creates openings in the outer layer of your skin so that your skincare products can be better absorbed, and it stimulates the production of collagen. These benefits of derma rolling help keep wrinkles at bay or even away depending on how early you start and how often you do it.

#5 Do At-Home Facials Regularly

Facials are often associated with the idea of total relaxation and luxury. Not only is a facial beneficial for your skin because of the process and products used, but the relaxation aspect lowers your stress which also plays a huge role in the appearance of your skin. Given that facials are beneficial in reducing wrinkles in multiple ways, you should be pampering yourself with facials regularly.

Not all facials are created equally, and now you no longer need to go to a spa for show-stopping facial results. ElumeStemCell’s Hydra Serum uses a unique applicator so that you can achieve professional results from home. The applicator uses nanotechnology to deliver the natural hyaluronic acid, growth factors, cytokines and proteins into your skin instead of just onto your skin. The high cost of a professional facial is no longer a barrier with the Hydra Serum, allowing you to treat your skin more frequently.

Now, Age Gracefully

Regardless of age, everyone wants to know how to prevent wrinkles. While there are factors that cause wrinkles that you can’t control like your genetics, or the passing of time, there are plenty of factors that you can and should control. By taking proper care of your skin in your 20s, you will be preventing wrinkles instead of trying to erase wrinkles once they appear.

Everything you need to start treating your skin right now is available in our Facial Kit—just watch your RBF and get enough sleep to keep wrinkles away. These seemingly simple and obvious ways will keep your skin looking its best for years to come.