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Say Goodbye to Dehydrated Skin & Hello to Stunning Skin Now

We all want glowing, dewy skin, but how do we get it? It is not as easy as applying a miracle product one time and suddenly having perfect skin; although we do talk about ElumeStemCell’s Hydra Serum later on which is as close to a miracle product as you can get. To achieve skin that truly glows and is bright and healthy, you need to make sure you are properly hydrating your skin.

What is Dehydrated Skin?

As the name implies, dehydrated skin is skin that is lacking hydration. Dehydrated skin, simply put, is a skin condition. There are a variety of factors that can cause dehydrated skin—this is a good thing because that means dehydrated skin can be fixed! You can address the factors that are causing your skin to be dehydrated and be on your way to glowing, dewy (aka hydrated) skin.

Dehydrated Skin is NOT Dry Skin

Like we said, dehydrated skin is lacking hydration, is a skin condition, and CAN change. Dry skin sounds like dehydrated skin, but dry skin is not lacking hydration, it is lacking oil. Dry skin is a skin type (think oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin) and cannot change.

Even though you can do things to address the lack of oil in your skin, you cannot do anything to physically change your skin type.

Causes of Dehydrated Skin

Anything that pulls water out from the skin (or the body as a whole) dehydrates skin, which is the opposite of what we want. There are obvious causes of dehydrated skin that can occur daily like sweating or not drinking enough water. But there are other less obvious causes of dehydrated skin that (hopefully) do not occur on a regular basis like sunburns, fevers, diarrhea and throwing up. There are also dietary causes of dehydrated skin like excessive consumption of salty foods or alcohol.

How to Tell if Your Skin is Dehydrated

When your whole body is dehydrated, there will be obvious signs like you are thirsty, you may feel tired or dizzy, or your mouth is dry. Dehydrated skin can appear in a variety of ways and possibly in more than one manner. If your skin is dehydrated, you may notice your skin is sullen or dull, dry patches on your skin, dry or cracked lips, or your eyes may appear sunken.

Goodbye Dehydration, Hello Stunning Skin (Ways to Correct Dehydrated Skin)

Start from Within (Drink More Water)

This is extremely obvious, but in order to prevent dehydrated skin, you need to prevent dehydration in general. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day. Chugging fluids only a couple times a day does not allow your body to hydrate as effectively as drinking fluids consistently throughout the day.

Also, be mindful of the fluids you are drinking. Some fluids like soda and alcohol actually dehydrate your body instead of hydrate. In addition, if you are massively dehydrated, simply drinking water will not be enough since your body will not be able to adequately rehydrate itself off water alone. Add in electrolytes if needs be. 

Watch What You Put INTO Your Body 

While we are addressing what you drink, be mindful of the other things that you put into your body as well. Eat more fruits, veggies and whole foods that are nutrient rich. Fruits and veggies can also have a high-water content. Some don’ts include drinking alcohol, smoking, and drinking a lot of coffee. The things you consume can either aid in hydration or dehydration.

Watch What You Put ONTO Your Body 

Once you have addressed what you are putting into your body, be mindful of what you are putting onto your body. You want to use products that nourish, not products that strip. While you may have good intentions when it comes to skin care, it is important to look at the ingredients in your skincare products. You might be unintentionally causing more harm to your skin with each application.

The best product for dehydrated skin is ElumeStemCell’s Hydra Serum. The Hydra Serum contains natural hyaluronic acid which is known to be one of the best ways to hydrate your skin. If you wanted a miracle product that addresses multiple skin concerns while leaving skin rejuvenated and hydrated, the Hydra Serum is that product.

As Healthline points out, “Roughly half of the hyaluronic acid in your body is present in your skin, where it binds to water to help retain moisture.” Not only is the hyaluronic acid in the Hydra Serum from a naturally occurring source which makes it easier for your body to utilize, it also helps your body retain moisture aka stay hydrated.

The Hydra Serum is meant to be a monthly treatment which is great for those times when your skin is feeling especially dry and needs extra help with hydration.

For daily support for your skin, ElumeStemCell’s Daily Illuminating Face Serum not only includes ingredients meant to brighten your skin while reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scars such as polypeptide enriched media, but it also contains aloe which is great for nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Since aloe has a high-water content, by using this natural ingredient in our Daily Illuminating Face Serum, you can refresh your skin with skincare ingredients that nourish and hydrate instead of stripping moisture from your skin. You can follow our easy skin care routine to hydrate your skin consistently.

Saying Goodbye to Dehydrated Skin

Daily habits can easily cause dehydrated skin. By focusing on what you put into your body, onto your body, and drinking enough water, you can combat dehydrated skin before it affects the appearance of your complexion. Our Facial Kit contains both our Hydra Serum and our Daily Illuminating Face Serum which are the best products for dehydrated skin. The combination of a daily serum and a monthly serum keeps your skin hydrated with high-quality skincare.