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The Best Eye Serum for Wrinkles & An Easy-to-Follow Routine

Why the Eye Area Matters

The eyes are one of the areas of your face that shows signs of aging first. Why? It is because the skin around your eyes is very thin and more easily prone to damage and wrinkles. The thin skin combined with the fact that as we age, our bodies produce less collagen which helps the skin appear fuller, wrinkles are prone to appear.

If you use something that is too harsh around your eyes, get too little sleep, or even become dehydrated, it will show around your eyes. This is why the best eye serum is ElumeStemCell’s Daily Illuminating Face Serum —not only does it encourage collagen production, but it also nourishes the skin with natural occurring ingredients for renewed skin.

For those looking to take their skincare even further, a monthly Hydra Serum treatment using our unique applicator delivers cellular components including growth factors and cytokines to reduce the premature aging of skin.

What the Skin Around Your Eyes Needs

First, treat the skin around your eyes gently. This applies to the products you use around your eyes, as well as the way you apply the product. It is recommended to apply serum under eyes with your pinky or ring fingers so that you do not pull or yank at the skin. But it doesn’t stop there. Be mindful of the way you sleep, the facial expressions you make, and avoid excessive or harsh rubbing. Doing, or not doing, these things will help limit the formation of unnecessary eye wrinkles.

Next, be intentional about the products you apply around your eyes so that you are providing ingredients that will actually make a difference. As Dr. Mona Gohara mentions in this article, “Your skin goes into repair mode at night, working extra hard to fix damage and boost regeneration.” We know that it is important to wash off the dirt and debris from our faces every night, but we should then follow up with products that will help enhance our body’s natural regeneration.

Dr. Gohara continues to say, “So your night moisturizer should be filled with all the things your body naturally produces and can use more of, like hyaluronic acid, lipids, and proteins.” We agree! Why put something artificial on your face, especially on the delicate skin around your eyes, when natural ingredients will work so much better with your body? That is why we love using ElumeStemCell Daily Illuminating Face Serum not only for our faces, but especially for the skin around our eyes.

The Daily Illuminating Face Serum contains polypeptide enriched media which aids in the regeneration of your skin through increased collagen production and increased cell turnover. By applying this to the area under your eyes every night, you will help your body repair damage and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even scars, while encouraging improved skin elasticity.

Our Hydra Serum contains natural hyaluronic acid, like what Dr. Gohara mentions above, which promotes cellular growth for rejuvenated skin starting from within the body. The highly concentrated formula works to build off the foundation of repaired skin from the Daily Illuminating Face Serum to provide enhanced results of skin renewal.

An Easy-to-Follow Routine

The skin around your eyes does not require a high-maintenance routine for effective results.

Our easy-to-follow routine makes it easy to apply the best serum for eye wrinkles every day. To make things even easier for you to achieve glowing skin with reduced signs of aging, our serums, derma roller and applicator are all available in our facial kit so that you have what you need for rejuvenated skin.

Daily: Our Daily Illuminating Face Serum

Step 1 – Cleanse Your Face

We (hopefully) all know how important it is to begin any skincare routine with a clean face. Grab your favorite face cleanser, properly clean your face and gently pat dry.

Step 2 – Apply Daily Illuminating Face Serum

Using one to two pumps of our Daily Illuminating Face Serum, gently work the serum onto your face. Don’t forget areas like around your eyes, your neck, and your decolletage. The combination of ingredients in our Daily Illuminating Face Serum makes it the perfect all-over serum, powerful enough to generate results but gentle enough for the thin skin around the eyes.

Step 3 – Let it Absorb

Don’t rush a good thing. Give the serum a few minutes to fully absorb before layering on more products.

Step 4 – Moisturize

The final step is to apply your favorite moisturizer, once again being mindful of the skin around your eyes. This will ensure that your skin is hydrated while the ingredients in the Daily Illuminating Face Serum focus on repairing your skin.

Few Times a Week: Derma Roll Your Skin

Derma rolling is a quick and easy way to maximize your skincare results. The process of derma rolling allows skincare products to be better absorbed while encouraging increased collagen production. You can read more about the benefits of derma rolling here.

It is recommended to derma roll your face three to four times a week. Derma rolling can be added to your nightly routine after cleansing your face and before applying the Daily Illuminating Face Serum (between steps 1 and 2 listed above).

Monthly: Hydra Serum for a Concentrated Treatment

To really target eye wrinkles, using the Hydra Serum and applicator monthly will deliver natural properties for enhanced skin renewal.

This simple at-home treatment is added to your established routine after derma rolling and before applying the Daily Illuminating Face Serum. A more in-depth explanation of how to apply the Hydra Serum is available here.

The Best Eye Serum for Wrinkles

Marketing today will make you think that you need a separate product to address every single one of your skin concerns, including having a separate eye cream. We believe that if you use high quality, natural occurring ingredients, you don’t need excess products to take care of your skin.

Our specially formulated Daily Illuminating Face Serum and Hydra Serum are the best eye serums for wrinkles because they are the best serums for your whole face. By harnessing what the body produces and needs, our serums are able to reduce premature skin aging, fine lines, and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity. Say hello to our facial kit and goodbye to unnecessary eye wrinkles.